How Get a massage when you’re ticklish?

HowGet a massage when you're ticklish?

Being ticklish can be a barrier when you want to get a massage. So you wonder if it would be possible to enjoy a massage without being tickled. The answer is yes.

Massage is the act of applying pressure to muscle subdivisions. It therefore consists, depending on the type of massage, of strongly or moderately pressing the muscle, and not of touching the skin. The tickle is more or less a repeated action of skin caressing, that’s what makes all the difference.

The most obvious solution is to communicate to your masseur, which are your most sensitive parts. Knowing this, he will be more careful not to bother you. The type of massage that is right for you depends on your requirements and your ailments. The masseur only executes your wishes and his goal is in no way to annoy his masseur.

Moreover, most ticklish people who follow massages are surprised by their insensitivity to tingling during the practice.

A full body massage essentially requires the involvement of the client. It would therefore be difficult to massage a ticklish patient if he does not relax enough. In order for the person to be in condition to receive the massage, the masseur aims to de-stress them and put them in confidence in order to proceed effectively to their relaxation, so the massage will be pleasant for a ticklish person.



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