Touch is a deep, subtle and marvelous art because it touches the very heart of Man.
I offer a massage that considers the individual as a whole.
the human being is not only a physical body but above all a being that vibrates with feelings, passion, creativity, an emotional being, a mental being, a psychic and spiritual being.
We massage a being with a name, an individuality, a living soul. The person to be massaged is not just a piece of meat to be kneaded or a mass of tensions to be eliminated, even less a symptom to be treated, we massage above all the person, a unique person.
The massage that I offer is aimed at receptive people, who are looking for physical and psychological relaxation through massage.
the fluidity of the movements allows a better circulation.
massage is above all a communion, an encounter with oneself, an integration of one’s body image, and a body-mind union.
Obviously I master several massage techniques but what is essential is knowing how to be, the intention to pay all your attention in order to accompany the massaged person to a real letting go through a connection with his sensations.
A quality massage requires the masseur to establish an authentic connection with the person being massaged.
I offer a wellness massage service I am a certified masseur.