Back massage

Back pain is the evil of the century, discover back massage.

This highly stressed part of the body is often contracted, our back suffers from our rhythm of life, our bad postures and a frequent lack of physical exercise.

Sitting for a long time in front of your computer or driving your car generates significant muscle tension. The upper back, more specifically the trapezius muscles and the neck concentrate fatigue and stress.

A “well-being massage” of the back correctly carried out allows you to achieve good relaxation. The objective of back massage is to release muscle tension in the entire back, from the sacrum to the neck. It also allows to evacuate the psychological tensions due to the stress of the current life. These massage techniques also promote good oxygenation of the body by activating breathing and stimulating blood circulation.

The benefits are felt during the session, after the session and generally during the following days. The back massage is integrated into a more global massage to allow total relaxation of body and mind.



Tantrism is a Sanskrit word meaning “woven together”.

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