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Well-being is a balance

My massages


  • Naked Tantric Massage 1h00 70€

    More than a simple massage, the tantric approach develops the art of relating to oneself and to others. The central principle of this practice! Privileged tool of the intimate, it allows to restore a bodily communication.

  • Naked Tantric Massage 1h30 100€

    Tantric massage is a prelude where the reunion with your body takes precedence. Much more than a simple preliminary, this practice develops the art of a harmonious relationship with your partner. Touch, at the heart of intimacy!


  • Naked relaxing Massage 1h00 60€

    The Naked relaxing Massage is the synthesis of different Californian techniques (rhythm, fluidity, globality, enveloping maneuvers) and Swedish (work on the different parts of the body).

  • Naked relaxing Massage 1h30 90€

    The Naked relaxing Massage is the result of many years of experience. It is a high quality service that emphasizes listening, complete and personalized care of the relaxed person.